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Valtteri Rantala

Valtteri is a passionate mover. Backround in kitesurfing, surfing, freeskiing and stand up paddling Valtteri enjoys discovering new ways of movement. Last years Valtteri has been diving deep into the world of partner acrobatics, acroyoga, thai massage and strengthening body with natural and functional movement. He enjoys the constant process of learning and sharing knowledge as a teacher. As a teacher Valtteri likes to create a space where the journey is equally as important as the goal.  Originally from Finland but spends many months a year abroad learning and teaching.  

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Heikki Slåen, 

Since 2013 Heikki has been following the footsteps of his friend and co-acrobat Valtteri into the world of AcroYoga. The journey has already taken him to Sweden, Denmark, Indonesia and back to train with renowned international teachers. Bringing it all back to the constantly growing kula in Helsinki he's always on the look for new acroyogis wanting a kickstart to their own journey. Being a certified teacher in snowboarding, alpine skiing and sailing as well as a part-time teacher in elementary schools he certainly knows what it takes to simplify complicated movement and create an invigorating space for learning. Be it a workshop or an open jam, you are more than welcome to pick his brain about AcroYoga fundamentals or trending washing machines.  

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Johanna Kellomäki

Johanna has backround on circusarts and partner acrobatics. Johanna has a degree in performing circus arts and dance. She also performs with aerial silks , fire dance and group acrobatics. Johanna enjoys the softness and playfulness of AcroYoga. She is currently working on opening her own training and teaching facility in Turku Finland. More info on her facebook page here. 

Mikko Lehtola

Mikko teaches Thai Yoga Massage and Acro Yoga - Holds Meditationgroups and does bodywork combining different approaches of therapy as a one way to inquire into Mystery of Life and Human existence. He has been studying different forms of therapy for the past 6-7 years which started as a part of his own journey to unwind what ever is keeping us from experiencing the present moment as it is.

Emma Sandström 

Emma teaches meditation, yin yoga and is enthusiastically practicing acroyoga. She also has a diverse background in other health related subjects with special focus on nutrition and the energetic part of our being. Emma is based in Helsinki and you are welcome to contact her if you have any questions about future jams or workshops in the area. She has a lot of experience in organizing events and is a good person to contact if you are interested in a private class, maybe at your office or in the beginning of a party. She’ll know which teacher is available and whom to contact. E-mail Emma at or visit her website at

Timo Kurvi

Timo Kurvi is a certified Iyengar Yoga and AcroYoga teacher in Helsinki, Finland. Also a professional actor, singer, dancer, he is interested in exploring the relationship between body, mind and expression in order to find where both he and his students are at their most creative, curious, and daring. Visit his website:  TimoKurviYoga