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Namibia AcroYoga Retreat

Sand & Snow
Even if worlds apart, the stories of AcroYoga Finland and Namibia are beautifully intertwined. For the past few years the movement form, which combines partner acrobatics, circus arts, yoga and Thai yoga massage has been taking the world by a particularly gentle storm. and AcroYoga Namibia have sprung from this soil and coexisted through ties of friendship, challenge and sharing. We want you to experience this meeting of worlds and talents with us on a long weekend retreat bound to lift both your practice and spirit!

The crew hails from a formidable background of movement arts. Valtteri and Heikki have been collecting a wide array of acrobatics experience from many schools and corners of the earth. Both are qualified partner acrobatic teachers, and have collected plenty of flare from communities such as Move Copenhagen, Nordic AcroYoga Festival, Dutch Acro and many others. In addition to dynamic acrobatics both have a soft and sound grasp of Thai Yoga massage. Daniel was the spark that set the world of AcroYoga on fire in Namibia through his friendship, gentle style of teaching and water-like flow. Together with Anna-Maija, who is also a champion in other movement practices such as Ultimate Frisbee and Bouldering, they make up one formidable Finland line-up. As if this wasn’t already good enough, we’ve been able to lure the glorious Aya Kristina Love of Canada into the teacher troupe. The warm Vancouver connection brings years of circus acrobatics background to the table along with teacher training in Partner Acrobatics and several forms of Yoga.

The coming to life of trust and motion could not happen without the Namibian team. Lara-Lyn, the mother of Namibian Acro, has been a mover and shaker in the Namibian scenes of yoga, dance, kickboxing and performance arts for the past decade. Always eager to share and learn, she travelled Europe in 2015 in a quest to understand and become part of the movement and AcroYoga schools of Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Eva is a full-time yoga teacher in Windhoek with countless years on the mat behind her in several forms of yoga, as well as massage, and has previously organized yoga retreats in the rugged but serene wilderness of Namibia. Her contacts and tested organizing skills make the adventure easy for the rest of us. This haven will be complete with exquisite cuisine designed to keep our vigour strong and is suitable for the vegetarians and vegans among us.

Combined, we bring you truly amazing teachers with miles&smiles of expertise from all around the globe. The North-South connection has soul, flare, flow and love to outshine even the stupendous beauty of Namibian nature we are setting this adventure in. Come and let us show you what the alchemists get when they unite sand and snow!

Who can join:
The retreat will offer Yoga, AcroYoga and Thai Massage classes. All the classes are non-mandatory. You can choose to join a class, sleep in, sit by the pool or go on one of the activities offered by the lodge, as you please. We will also offer at least two different levels of AcroYoga depending on the level of the participants. Any questions? Write to us at

How to join us:
Clear your schedule for that week.
Choose your accomodation option.
Book and pay for your adventure.
Book your flight tickets.
Get excited.
See you there. 

Arrive early morning 17th June and departing on morning of 21st June. 4 Days and 4 Nights.
(Let us know if you would like to arrive in Namibia before the retreat begins or stay after the retreat ends to experience more on your trip, we can give you some advice) 

Accomodation options and monetary contributions:
N$9200 per person
535 Euro or
Canadian $ 780
Inlcudes accomodation, meals and classes for all 4 days and nights

Eriolobe Village
N$6800 per person
395 Euro or
Candian $ 580
Includes accomodation, meals and classes for all 4 days and nights

335 Euro or
Canadian $ 500
Includes camping grounds, meals and classes for all 4 days and nights (does not include camping equipment or tents) 

Day Visit
N$1100 per person per day
65 Euro or
Canadian $ 95
Includes meals and classes for that day

Please note that none of these options include transport to and from Ondekaremba, but we can always help you orgnise this. 
Need more info? Write to us at

The options are all there. We will be providing 3 meals a day suitable for vegans and vegetarians but if you would like to have something else or something more, the lodge will also be open to you. (Please not that there may be a small surcharge if you opt to eat at the lodge instead but lets chat about it)

What to bring along and things to note:
You will need comfy and stretchy clothing to practice in. 
Warm clothing - the day time will still offer sunshine and warmth but it is still winter, so make sure you bring warm woolies for the early mornings and crisp night time. Sun screen. 
If you can bring a yoga mat or a large towel or blanket for the acro then please do, but we understand that some of you will be travelling from far so if you cannot, we will take care of this for you. 

To book:
Send us an email with your details, like how many people you are and what accomodation options you would like and we will forward you the amount and the banking details. 



Canada and US


This retreat will be intimate and personal and we can only cater for around 30-40 participants so hurry to secure your spot.

Later Event: June 23
AcroYoga MidSummer 2016