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AcroYoga weekend with Jeppe Skovgaard

Jeppe Skovgaard is coming to Helsinki in December! 

In this workshop series Jeppe Skovgaard will invite people who already have an established acroyoga practice to let that be challenged to the fullest. The workshops discovers key aspects of how to deal cleverly with gravity, wit popping, with falling and anything in between and will introduce a range of demanding washing machines in order to explore the concepts.
In the workshops you will further explore various strength building training inspired from a range of other movement disciplines (yoga, slack-line and parkour) and in particular parkour, which is excellent cross training, to make sure that you stay strong and sensitive to avoid common injuries and make your acroyoga practice sustainable so you can keep practicing also 10 years from now.

There will be plenty of content covered so make sure to arrive with a clear mind and an open heart.

PREREQUISITES for Saturday and Sunday workshops:
Basing OR flying ninja star
Basing AND flying free star

FRIDAY 4.12. (Open level!)

19:00 - 21.30 DEALING WITH NEWTON:
A threesome with you, your partner and Newton will tell you all you need to know about gravity. Learn to fly, fall and to navigate in between the two. A foundational workshop that gives you solid tools, useful both for a beginner and an advanced acroyogi.


11:30 - 14:00 EXPLORING 50/50:
We place a foot where we would normally have a hand and we seek to find balanced in the unbalanced. From that we gain access to a goldmine of new washing machines. Learn the idea of 50/50 basing (e.g. a bird on one foot and one hand of the base) and see the opportunities multiply.

15:30 - 18:00 POP IT UP:
Don’t jump if you don’t know how to land and don’t throw a friend in to the air, unless you are willing to get him safely back down on the ground. Learn how to transfer momentum from one body to another in a caring and receptive way. We find quality in the more accessible pops and seek to transfer that into the not-so-accessible.

SUNDAY 6.12.

13:00 - 15:30 SPIN TO FOCUS: 
Sometimes we need the most intense drama to experience the sharpest focus. Playing with tricky transitions and weird washing machines around the idea of spinning will take us straight into the drama and (hopefully) leave us more focused.

16:30 - 19:00 DEEP DOWN:
Find the integrity within that is needed to invite trust from another. We discover techniques from both thai massage and therapeutic flying to land safely by the end of the weekend.


- Full weekend pass, all five workshops: 130 €
- Single workshops: 40 €


Jeppe Skovgaard (DK) loves to challenge the many dogmas about how to move and behave, be it in the yoga studio or the city landscape. Jeppe has been teaching parkour on all levels for the past 7 years and is also a dedicated acroyoga teacher, slack liner yoga teacher, body worker and barefoot runner. His acroyoga classes combines the alignment from anusara yoga with his own diverse mix of movement styles and the flows are always met with a playful and rebellious attitude. 
For the time being Jeppe splits his hours awake between strengthening the acroyoga community in Copenhagen and travelling the planet teaching workshops and retreats to share his passion for movement.

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