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Thai Yoga Massage & AcroYoga Weekend Helsinki.

  • Esitystaiteenkeskus 1 Kaasutehtaankatu Helsinki, 00580 Finland (map)

Program for the weekend:

10.30-14.00 Thai Yoga massage workshop 1
15.00-18.00 AcroYoga workshop - introduction to the practice 

10.30-14.00 Thai Yoga Massage workshop 2
15.00-18.00 AcroYoga workshop - continuing the flow

Place: Kaasutehtaankatu 1 (Suvilahti, Puhdistamo) building 6

AcroYoga workshops: 30€ OR 50/40€ (students) for both days.
Thai Yoga Massage workshops: 70€ for both days

Price for the whole weekend, including all workshops: 100€

Thai Yoga massage: Mikko Lehtola, Valtteri Rantala (assisting)
Acro yoga: Valtteri Rantala, Mikko Lehtola, Heikki Slåen (assisting)

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More info on teachers:

We are organizing a whole weekend filled with Thai Yoga Massage and AcroYoga. The days begin with learning more about the mindful touch in Thai Yoga Massage and continue in the afternoon with playful AcroYoga practice. You can choose to participate in different workshops or the full experience. On Saturday’s workshops the level will be more introductionary and on Sunday we will dive a little deeper into the practice. No partner or previous experience needed. For Sunday’s AcroYoga workshop we recommend participation in Saturday’s session or some previous experience or lessons in AcroYoga.

In these workshops you will learn the fundamentals of AcroYoga in a fun, safe and inspiring way. We will raise the level throughout the day and make sure everyone has a full experience. We will work with elements such as flow and softness. You will learn different moves and finally experince how fun it is to combine these into full aerial flows. Saturday’s workshop will be more about learning the fundamentals and on Sunday we will take the practice a few steps deeper.

Description by practitioner Mikko Lehtola

"Thai Yoga Massage in the form it’s been introduced to me is a holistic healing art, which originates from India and has elements from the Buddhist tradition. It is an art of leading the body out of a stagnant state and back to its natural state of freely flowing life force.

Thai Yoga Massage works with both dynamic and static techniques, working with the body's energy lines (mainly responding to Meridian pathways known from Chinese Medicine) It also introduces movement for body structures, joints etc. and is using stretching known from the Yogic tradition.

This form of massage is done with clothes on - using pressure & harmonic movements. In a typical session the practitioner usually starts with "listening" to the receivers body to be able to discover places that are in disharmony.

After that she/he follows the principles of Thai Massage to invite the free flow of energy into the area of disharmony and the body in general by stretching the area - introducing movement with harmonic and dynamic movements - palming and bringing gentle pressure - to open up the fascia, muscles, energy lines, tissue and to open up the free flow of body fluids and blood in the area. 

The practitioner usually covers the whole body as a holistic unit or focus on the area that will need treatment the most. Thai Yoga Massage is done with the understanding that a human being covers more aspects than the physical body. This is the ground where the practitioner is functioning from to be able to bring the healing qualities to cover these other aspects as well. Maybe that's why many people are deeply touched by this beautiful healing art."

Welcome! :)


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