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Uusi sivusto avattu jakamaan AcroYogan ja Thai Yoga Hieronnan ilosanomaa.  Sivustolta löydät infoa tapahtumista lajeihin liittyen ja yleistä infoa vasta-alkajalle. 

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Valtteri Rantala

Valtteri is a passionate mover. Backround in kitesurfing, surfing, freeskiing and stand up paddling Valtteri enjoys discovering new ways of movement. Last years Valtteri has been diving deep into the world of partner acrobatics, acroyoga, thai massage and strengthening body with natural and functional movement. He enjoys the constant process of learning and sharing knowledge as a teacher. As a teacher Valtteri likes to create a space where the journey is equally as important as the goal. Originally from Finland but spends many months a year abroad learning and teaching.